Methodist Life Groups

Methodist Life Groups function according to some basic, time-tested small group principles:

  • They are genuinely small, at most with eight people in them. Any larger and they become unwieldy. Get too big, and someone will want to form a committee!
  • They are deliberate about inviting new people into the Methodist Life.
  • The first two points naturally lead to the third: Methodist Life Groups should regularly split, sending people off with a new leader. From the start, a Methodist Life Group commits to grow as a group and then birth a new group.
  • Within these groups, the Bible will be studied daily in an in-depth way and treated as the primary guide for living, and the members will pray for each other.
  • Daily Bible study will be pointless if the members of the group aren’t living what they’re learning. Deep spiritual bonds and mutual, loving accountability are the primary goals of a Methodist Life Group.

For a good overview of how to get started, we recommend a trip to Discipleship Bands, an initiative of Seedbed and Asbury Theological Seminary. The basics of facilitating or participating in a properly structured small group are all there, regardless of whether the group plans to meet in person or online. Note: The Discipleship Bands program recommends groups be made up of three to five people for its system to be most effective.

Also, stay tuned to the blog portion of Methodist Life. From time to time we’ll discuss small group methods, celebrate the successes of particular groups and face the challenges of small group life together.


Aldersgate Men
Tuesdays at 10 a.m. Eastern
Leader: The Rev. Chuck Griffin
Contact: or (423) 491-0506
Notes: This group meets on a weekly basis via video chat, with an emphasis on Bible study and prayer. Members need an email address and a basic understanding of how to participate in an online video meeting.