What Is the Methodist Life?

The Methodist Life brings holy transformation to the individuals who choose it. First and foremost, the good Methodist is a good Christian, committed to following Jesus Christ, who is revealed in the Holy Bible as Savior of the World. As Methodists, a big part of that commitment is a willingness to methodically experience loving accountability within a small group of other Methodists.

This site exists to organize Methodist Life Groups wherever they may be needed. These groups may choose to be associated with a particular church, or they may stand alone. They may meet at a physical location, or they may take advantage of the wonderful technology we now have to meet online.

If you’re interested in finding a Methodist Life Group, look at our Directory page. If you think you may be qualified to lead such a group, or you want to add an existing group to the directory, send us a message so we can follow up with you.

Methodist Life Groups are for Christians who comfortably describe themselves as “traditional,” “theologically conservative” or “orthodox,” meaning we adhere to the teachings of the Bible. With the help of close Christian friends, we confront the sin in our lives, rooting it out and asking the Holy Spirit to fill the void.

If you need to know more about our beliefs, look to our Doctrinal Standards page.