Saturday, Sept. 17

Welcome to the daily prayer guide for the month of September! Today is Saturday, Sept. 17.

It being a Saturday, let’s try something a little different. You might want to set alarms to remind you to also stop in the middle of the day and at some point around sunset or in the evening. Ask yourself some questions at each point, and then let the answers guide you in brief times of prayer.


Where do I hope to encounter God today? Is God calling me to do something special for the kingdom today? Who needs to hear from me?


How am I doing, Lord?


What story in the Bible would center me this evening? If you’re struggling to answer, think of favorite ones from childhood, assuming you were raised in a Christian setting. If you cannot think of anything, I would suggest my favorite one, the 21st Chapter of John. (The link will take you to a video portrayal of the story.)

Find your story and explore it, not as a chore, but for pleasure. Is there someone who might like to hear you read it?

May your evening rest prepare you for worship tomorrow.

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