Expect Christ: Day 11

Today is Wednesday, Dec. 7, the eleventh day in the Advent season.


Praise and Thanksgiving. Let’s begin by prayerfully reading Psalm 2. As we read it, let’s pray our worldly leaders serve the Lord reverently every day.

Let’s also pray these words:

“Dear Lord, we praise you in part so that our minds and hearts are lifted out of the world for a moment. As we praise you for your great love and astonishing plan, we see our own compromise, the ways we shrink from our individual callings. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, continue to show us your better way. We bless you and glorify you! Amen.”

Confession. Where have we sinned? Where have we failed to trust in God’s plan for forgiveness?

Petitions. As we ask for God’s intervention today, let’s try to see in our heads images of the people and places where we hope to see a miracle.

Scripture. Matthew 12:33-37.



Let’s continue to pray this prayer together daily:

“Lord, we have entered a season of expectation. We remember the Israelites’ past desire for a savior to arrive, and we mirror what they felt as we long now for the return of Jesus Christ. Come Lord Jesus, come! We pray this with some trepidation, knowing we never feel completely ready for such a day, and that loved ones around us may not be ready. And yet we continue to pray, Come Lord Jesus, come! We trust that your grace at your return will so overwhelm sin and death that all will be set right. As we pray for your full arrival, teach us how to make ourselves ready, living as watchful people. Amen.”


At a minimum, let’s spend some significant time in a quiet, reflective state before retiring for the night. Embrace the day’s spiritual victories and release the failures.

If you want to start a conversation about Christian meditation techniques, use the Comments section.

Sleep well, knowing the Holy Spirit is re-creating our souls, and thus, our words, as we dream..

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