Saturday, Sept. 10

Welcome to the daily prayer guide for the month of September! Today is Saturday, Sept. 10.


Once again, it’s Saturday, and if you have a traditional work schedule with weekends off, you treasure a day like today. Begin by enjoying it with God, remaining aware of God’s presence throughout the day. We will keep it simple this morning. Take a few minutes to consider what it means to call God Father, Son or Holy Spirit. In what ways have you best experienced God? Thank God for those experiences.

Take time for confession. Then move to any petitions you may have.

Here’s the Scripture for today: Psalm 14; Jeremiah 4:13-21, 29-31; John 10:11-21.

Give yourself a few minutes of silence before resuming your day.


Pray the Lord’s Prayer, and then give yourself a few minutes of silence before resuming your day.


As you review your day, pay attention to how conscious you were of God’s presence.

Continue the meditative prayer time in the evening. At a minimum, practice symbolically inhaling grace and exhaling sin.

Sleep well; remember, tomorrow is a holy day of worship.

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