Sunday, Sept. 11

Welcome to the daily prayer guide for the month of September! Today is Sunday, Sept. 11.

Today being Sunday, we will deviate from our pattern. Focus today on worshiping with others! If you engage earnestly in worship, you will experience all the elements of prayer we have explored so far.

In our minds, our hearts, and certainly in our prayers, we have to acknowledge what this date means to us. We are now 21 years from what for many of us was the most traumatic national event we can remember. At some point today, remember the 2,997 who died, some as they heroically tried to save others. Remember those who died later from the exposure and trauma. And certainly take time to lift up words of thanks for those who died or were injured in the ensuing wars, and their families.

As you head to worship, engage early. Start preparing yourself to encounter God in worship as you leave the house. Approach the place of worship prayerfully and joyfully, rejoicing in the sight of your fellow believers. And as you worship, remember throughout who your audience is:


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