Tuesday, Sept. 13

Welcome to the daily prayer guide for the month of September! Today is Tuesday, Sept. 13.


Let’s use another psalm, Psalm 40, to open our prayer time with praise. Slowly continue with the pattern of surrender and confession we have been learning; simply talk to God as you do so. Are you finding that regular confession brings you healing? That realization should be a cause for thanksgiving.

“Lord, your grace is abundant and astonishing. Thank you for the freedom I have from sin, a freedom I realize more and more as I pray and confess to you! Amen.”

As we lift up our petitions, let’s again sit quietly and pray for people in need as they come to mind. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Take time to read these Bible verses in a contemplative and meaningful way: Jonah 3:1-10; 2 Peter 3:8-13. In the Jonah text, pay particular attention to the great lengths the people of Nineveh go to repent of sin. If you have time, you might want to read the whole story of Jonah. It’s best appreciated as a full story.

Give yourself a few minutes of silence before resuming your day.


Pray the Lord’s Prayer. And let’s again offer the following prayer written for the middle of the day:

“Where I have raced away from you this day, Lord, I pray that I may pause now and return to your path. Greet me, guide me, and keep me filled with a sense of your love as I encounter others. Amen.”

Again, give yourself a few minutes of silence before resuming your day.


I hope you continue with the meditative prayer techniques taught earlier. As you close out your daily prayer journey, you might want to record some of your impressions on paper, or perhaps with a voice recorder. These impressions may be images, feelings or words that came to you. What you record may begin to guide you at other times as you connect the prayer experience to daily life.

And of course, sleep well.

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