Monday, Sept. 12

Welcome to the daily prayer guide for the month of September! Today is Monday, Sept. 12.


For our opening time of praise, read Psalm 73 as a prayer. I have no doubt many of you will feel a connection. This psalm expresses frustration, confession and an expression of reliance on God. These are ancient words, but speak them from your heart, as your individual prayer.

You also may have some specific sins you want to turn over to God, in the process turning over a new leaf. (I like that phrase. It’s actually a reference to turning the page of a book. Certainly, as we flip through a Bible, we find new ways of living.) Hear the good news: In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven!

Having praised God and confessed sin, move to any petitions you may have. This morning, try sitting quietly and pray for people in need as they come to mind. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Take time to read these Bible verses in a contemplative and meaningful way: Jeremiah 5:1-17; 1 Timothy 1:18-20.

Give yourself a few minutes of silence before resuming your day.


Pray the Lord’s Prayer. Let me also offer you a prayer specifically for the middle of the day:

“Where I have raced away from you this day, Lord, I pray that I may pause now and return to your path. Greet me, guide me, and keep me filled with a sense of your love as I encounter others. Amen.”

Again, give yourself a few minutes of silence before resuming your day.


I hope you continue with the meditative prayer, a time for immersion in God’s Spirit. Remember to let distractions float away for a little while as you breathe. Once settled in, I would suggest you add something. Ask that God speak to you in words and images as you sink into silence. Dare we call these visions? Dare we let them shape our lives?

Sleep well; perhaps visions can become dreams tonight.

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