A Christmas Eve Prayer

Dear Lord, as the sun sets on this day, may we once again be astonished by a tale that has become almost too familiar. It can become something we take for granted, a story neatly tucked away among the trees and tinsel, the presents and the food. Help us to remember today why we celebrate this evening:


Our promised Savior came humbly, as an infant, to the poorest and least important of families. He arrived with no obvious path to power, yet angels declared his glory. He grew up in a place barely worth noting on a map, yet the most learned people of his day traveled from afar to see him, the skies declaring the arrival of a king.

He grew. He loved us. He died for our sins. He has taken his proper place in heaven, and we rejoice that we will be in his presence for all eternity.

May the Holy Spirit guide us through this day, keeping us in a state of worship.

We pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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